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What is CBD Isolate Crystal?


As you may already be aware, CBD is extracted from cannabis plants. This is achieved using hyper-precision in a process called “CO2 Extraction”. This process results in CBD being isolated from the plant, leaving all of the other compounds behind; the most important of which being THC. THC is the compound within a cannabis plant that is known for producing the sensation of being high once consumed.


CBD Isolate, once extracted, has a somewhat crystal-like appearance. This is why they are called CBD crystals. 


CBD isolate / crystal is the purest form of CBD available on the market today, often boasting between 96% and 99% purity (ours is 99% pure!).

Are CBD crystals legal in the UK?


The answer to that question is a resounding YES! CBD is 100% legal here in the UK. As long as it is extracted effectively enough.


As mentioned, CBD is extracted from cannabis plants, leaving behind the other elements; one of which being THC – which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol in case you were wondering. THC is the element found within the plant which is accountable for cannabis being illegal in the UK. 


Should you ever be required to take a drug test after consuming illegal marijuana, you would fail the test. The THC, found within the plant, would be responsible for this.


This is one of the many reasons CBD is so popular. Unlike its mother, marijuana, CBD has totally rid itself of the illegal THC element, making it a legal substance that should not only keep you clean for those drugs tests at work!... but it would also make you a part of the new (and growing) CBD revolution here in the UK and indeed across the world.


In short, there is nothing illegal about CBD.

The process that our products go through before being boxed and distributed is called CO2 extraction. In short, it separates everything in a much more definitive way than other methods of extraction. It is cleaner and offers much purer results. It is for this reason that Multi-i is so well-trusted in the UK and across Europe for CBD crystal distribution (among a host of other CBD products too). 


How to buy wholesale CBD Crystals?

Multi-i is a leading CBD crystal wholesaler here in the UK. We are paving the way for the rapidly growing CBD culture and we are proud of the products we have available. Our stock ranges from exotically flavored CBD crystals (such as Lemon Haze, Kiwi, Apple… and even Blue Cheese!) all the way to CBD oils, skincare, CBD flowers, and more!


As a trusted UK-based CBD crystal wholesaler, we boast a wide variety of flavors, each with 99% purity. That places our CBD crystal products as some of the purest on the market today. The brand, whose products we distribute, is called Plant Of Life. They are renowned for being consistent with their high level of care and attention in the creation of their products. Similarly, they offer a wonderful variety of flavors and extraction percentages in their CBD product line.


Here you can purchase CBD crystals wholesale and in bulk, making your stock management much easier. Multi-i is an officially licensed CBD product distributor for the UK and has been distributing across Europe for over a decade. Make sure you are working alongside the most trusted distributor in the market by searching through our store here today.

How to use CBD Crystals?

Often brands will infuse CBD isolate / crystals into other products, such as CBD gummy bears (you can find them here on our website!). Brands also sometimes use CBD isolate in the creation of body care products. This could be anything from skin creams and moisturizers to face masks. All of these types of products offer playful avenues for CBD consumption but of course, you would then be consuming a product that has additional ingredients. For most of the CBD users community, this isn’t a problem at all, although there are a lot of CBD connoisseurs in the growing community who are more likely to want pure or simply flavored CBD Isolate/Crystals.


If what you are looking for is purely CBD isolate, then there is a host of flavors in our CBD crystals range that are sure to satisfy the needs of both your seasoned CBD customers as well as many of your vaping customers! The CBD crystals can be consumed in a number of ways:


You can ingest CBD isolate by adding it to food and/or drinks. Many people find that simply allowing the flavored crystal to dissolve in water or tea is the simplest way to ingest CBD, although that would depend on the flavor of CBD crystals you purchase as well as the flavor of the tea you use. It could be fun finding your favorite mix!

Another great option we’ve found is to melt the crystal/s into butter at approximately 60 degrees, then use that CBD-infused butter in baked foods such as cookies or cakes. Alternatively, you could quite simply spread the CBD-infused butter over your morning toast! Again, finding your favorite flavour of CBD crystals from our range, to add to butter, could be an exciting way to find your new favorite snack! 


There are lots of edible options. It would be worth finding nice recipes to try!


You can consume CBD crystals by vaping/dabbing them. It is not advised to attempt to use a typical vaporizer/vape pen when using CBD crystals/isolate. Instead, this method is known as dabbing. Dabbing can be slightly trickier of the two methods we have here, as you will need a dabbing “rig” (or a “dab rig” for short) in order to achieve the desired result. To successfully dab the CBD, you must heat the nail of the rig, before adding the CBD crystals into the nail. The CBD is then vaporized, ready for you to inhale, through the mouthpiece.

This is a very clean method of getting CBD into your system and, of course, the rig can be reused after cleaning. Similar to digesting CBD with food and drink, dabbing CBD crystals is one of the most effective methods of getting CBD into your body. This method also boasts less waiting time for the CBD to actually reach your system, as you do not need to wait for it to be digested.