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How To Buy Wholesale CBD Products In Bulk?

Cannabidiol, that's CBD to you and me, was first discovered as a phytocannabinoid in the late 1930's. It is the second most prevalent of the many phytocannabinoids that are naturally found in the resin-covered buds, leaves and stems of cannabis sativa plants. It is non-psychoactive and will not induce the same high and/or intoxicating feeling more commonly associated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both of these compounds interact with the body in their own way, via the CBD1 and CBD2 receptors located throughout the body, which make up part of the endocannabinoid system.

In short, CBD products are not designed to get you high. 

This is how we are able to provide wholesale CBD products as a licensed supplier in the UK!

Even though CBD was first separated from marijuana hemp in 1940, CBD products remained relatively unheard of, until the 2010s. The lifestyle surrounding CBD products has skyrocketed in the recent decade, no doubt due to the unforeseen rise in popularity of vaping products, such as e-liquids. So vaping culture almost certainly had its part to play in the rapid growth in popularity of CBD products, although…

Another largely underestimated variable in the rise of CBD products was the widespread media coverage it gathered. The volume of coverage has helped to elevate CBD products into a trendy consumer product.

The UK and Germany are paving the way CBD products in Europe and the culture surrounding it is continuing to grow, making it an exciting and expanding community to get involved in! 

Popularity is great news, but as you can imagine, general acceptance of the production of CBD products has required real effort and patience over the years, due to the general consensus regarding the plant that it’s extracted from. Regulations have needed to be put in place.

It’s only during the past decade that CBD has been used in either cosmetic products, vaping products or even in UK prescriptions. The first prescription in the UK was in 2015. 

So it’s safe to say it’s been difficult to get your hands on, let alone being able to buy CBD products in bulk! 

Luckily, it’s become much easier to get your hands on some excellent CBD products over recent years, since new regulations have been put in place, allowing a safe marketplace for CBD wholesalers like us.

How to buy CBD products wholesale?

If you’re looking for a range of CBD products that you can buy in bulk, to sell here in the UK, then look no further!

Multi-i is a UK licensed CBD supplier and wholesaler. You can find an array of CBD wholesale products across our website, from e-liquids to CBD flowers, and much more, but we’ll come back to that later!

We are a bulk wholesale supplier of CBD products, which means you can order your favourite products in larger quantities. Perfect for stocking up on your store’s current best-sellers and for introducing your store’s future best-sellers!

Why choose Multi-i for bulk orders of CBD products?

For over a decade, Multi-i has operated across Europe. In the UK, as a licensed CBD supplier, we are an official wholesale distributor of Plant of Life CBD products About Us

Whether you are a tobacco store, an e-liquid shop, an e-commerce site or a distributor, we’ve got more than enough variety to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Multi-i is an industry leader in bulk CBD wholesale goods, providing top-quality products as an expert team, with great service. It’s no wonder so many people trust Multi-i with their bulk CBD orders!

What are the different types of CBD products?

We have an enormous variety of wholesale CBD products available. All of which are premium quality, made using full CO2 extraction, which is widely known within the industry as the gold standard. You can be sure that the final product arrives to you with full assurances regarding the safety and quality. All plant material is grown organically indoors, in Austrian farms, using high-quality genetic strains, allowing for the production of superior products with noticeable originality and cleanliness.

With that covered, let’s go though some of the amazing wholesale CBD products we have available: 


CBD oil can be taken a number of ways. You could simply take in drop form, either on or under your tongue. You can add it to drinks, in order to mask the taste if you’re not a raw CBD connoisseur! You could even rub the oil into your skin if you so wished.


There are two ways to consume a CBD solid. Primarily, you can vape it, although you should first ensure that your vaporizer allows solids and not just e-liquids. Secondly, you could add it to foods. This is much more difficult but equally rewarding! It involves a process known as “decarboxylation”. This means heating the solid at a specific temperature for a specific time before figuring out how much you want to add to your food. Tricky stuff, which is why the primary option is our first recommendation here.


Crystals (also known as CBD isolates) are an almost-pure form of CBD. Our range is “Extraction 99%” which means it doesn’t come much closer to raw CBD than this! Our range of bulk CBD crystals come in a multitude of different flavors too, which is sure to entice even your most fleeting of customers. Everything from mango to chocolate to… blue cheese! 


Even though CBD flowers are different to regular cannabis hemp, you still consume it in the same way. Most people smoke it and we would advise, this is almost certainly the best (and easiest) way to consume them. Quantity differs from person to person, so it is advised that you find your own happy medium by consuming it in small amounts to begin with. Our range of available wholesale CBD flowers include the flavours: Lemon, Cookies, Mango, and lastly Clementine!



CBD wax is primarily vaped. Again, we recommend that you check your vaporizer to ensure that it works with solid products, as some vaporizers do not. You could also dab your CBD wax. This is an unconventional method, for those who are reasonably unfamiliar with how to consume CBD products. It is a process of touching the CBD wax with a high-temperature surface (often referred to as the “nail”), before inhaling the vapours that are produced. Alternatively, there is always the bong method, in which you add the wax to the bong’s bowl and light it, inhaling the vapours through the mouthpiece of the bong. You can find bulk CBD wax on our website today.

No matter what kind of wholesale CBD products you’re looking for, we are sure that we have something to fit your needs. Remember, we are a trusted, licensed UK distributor and we are completely focused on satisfying our customers!