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What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is cannabidiol infused with a carrier oil (most often either hemp oil or coconut oil). The concentration of CBD within the CBD oil can vary, depending on the manufacturer/brand. The concentration is understandably often referred to as “strength”. Most CBD Oil suppliers will list their CBD oils at specific potencies, such as “CBD Oil 5%”.


Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is extracted from the cannabis plants Cannabis Indica and Cannabis sativa. The extracted CBD is host to extremely low levels of THC, which is the compound within cannabis, known for creating the “high” sensations. The THC element of cannabis is what makes it illegal. For CBD products to be legal in the UK, no more than 0.3% THC content is permitted. There are multiple factors that would mean that it is psychologically and physiologically impossible for the consumption of legal CBD products to end up resulting in a high. In fact, CBD can actually be used to bring someone back down to equilibrium, from a THC-related high.


What are the benefits and uses of CBD Oil?

There are plenty of health claims out there, but we here at Multi-i are not willing to make any such claims. The Food Standards Agency strictly requires any and all UK CBD Oil Suppliers to refer to CBD as a food supplement and nothing else. So that’s precisely what we are going to do!

If you are keen to learn about the scientific literature surrounding CBD (of which there is plentiful), then we advise that you read the studies directly from the source, in order to avoid the many incorrect claims and background noise that currently seems to be clouding the general consensus in and around the CBD community.

How to use CBD Oil?

We are a CBD oil wholesaler, so we like to believe we have a good idea of how to use our products, but generally speaking, CBD oil is pretty easy to use. There isn’t very much debate, because it's commonly dropped under the tongue, via the dropper cap that comes with it.

How many drops of CBD oil to take?

This depends primarily upon the strength of the CBD oil, although it is quite fair to suggest that you should use CBD oils very sparingly. More often than not, users only place 1 or 2 drops under their tongue. We would recommend using 1 or 2 drops under the tongue as your starting guide.

It would be worth testing, upon the first usage. You should place 1 drop under your tongue. Leave it there for a minimum of 30 seconds (although the longer, the better), then swallow. Wait a few hours, to get an idea of the effects 1 drop has on you; and take it from there.

If you feel it had very little effect on you at all, then perhaps try 2 drops next time - and so on – continuing to add or subtract drops to match your desired effect.


How Often Should You Take CBD Oil Drops?

Well, 160mg is referred to as the maximum amount per day. But that’s a lot of CBD…

This should generally depend upon the CBD concentration of the oil, the dosage that you take each time, your body’s individual chemistry, and the time between doses. Only you can really find out the best results for this question.

That being said, a good place to start would be to take your preferred dosage whenever you feel that the desired effects have worn off. Of course, it’s difficult to place a number on this, based on the aforementioned variables, but as a general rule of thumb, we would advise only a few drops of any of the CBD oils we have in stock, and to wait at least 6 hours before a next dosage of another few drops, if desired.


How Long Does CBD Oil Stay in Your System?

CBD oil, if taken as drops under the tongue, finds its way into your bloodstream via the (comparably speaking) “more-exposed” blood vessels on the underside of your tongue. We will assume that this is how most users consume CBD oil for the purpose of answering this question.

It is said that CBD normally stays in your system for a matter of 2 – 5 days. This is an approximation, due to the fact that each individual user will have differing results.

For example, diet effects your bloodstream heavily. A diet which is high in saturated fats (from the likes of meat, dairy and processed foods) can raise the cholesterol in your bloodstream to the point where your blood cannot travel - or organise itself - as quickly as the blood of someone who has lived primarily on a wholefood plant based diet.

But this is just one identified variable that has control over how long CBD stays in one’s system. It would be a safe estimate to assume that 2 – 5 days is roughly correct.


Does CBD Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

No, the cannabinoids within the CBD oils may degrade much quicker if the product is kept outside of the approximate temperatures of 60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 15 – 21 degrees Celsius.

Fridges are much cooler than this, but you should also avoid leaving your CBD oil in direct sunlight.


How Should You Store CBD Oil?

A “cool, dry place” is preferred, in order to allow your product to last its entire shelf life. The bottle that your CBD oil comes in should display an expiry date. We do not advise consuming CBD oil that is beyond its expiry date.


How To Buy Wholesale CBD Oil

When purchasing Wholesale CBD Oil, you should try your best to deal with a reputable CBD Oil Wholesaler. Although there may be multiple UK CBD Oil Suppliers, we believe we are the most reputable and trustworthy of them all.


Why choose Multi-i for Wholesale CBD Oil?

We are a well-established CBD oil supplier and wholesaler. As a CBD oil distributor, we have distributed CBD Oil all across Europe, and now the UK too! We pride ourselves on being the very best CBD oil distributor across Europe and the UK. It is because of this that Multi-i has been able to grow and develop into one of the finest CBD oil suppliers in the UK.