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E-Liquid Wholesale

How to buy E Liquid in Bulk/Wholesale?

Multi-i is one of the leading E liquid suppliers in the UK.  We are a trusted CBD E liquid supplier and we distribute e liquids and CBD e liquids across the UK and Europe. We are a business to business (B2B) company specialising in what is in fact a multitude of CBD products. You won’t find anywhere more suitable for your wholesale e liquids and CBD E liquid requirements.

What is E Liquid?

E liquid is used in vaping pens (also known as vaporizers). It is an oily substance that is heated to a vapour before being inhaled by the user. Some e liquids are flavoured, some aren’t. Some e liquids include nicotine as an ingredient, some don’t. CBD is always an optional ingredient for the manufacturers too.

On this page, we’re going to discuss CBD E Liquid.

The CBD is extracted from a hemp plant using a process called CO2 Extraction. During this process, the manufacturer is able to isolate individual elements of the plant – CBD being one of them. THC is another element but this one is left behind during the CO2 extraction process, as it is the element within hemp that is renowned for causing the high sensations. The resulting CBD is then infused with a base oil (most often vg and pg – vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol) to create a liquid that you can inhale using a suitable vaping pen.


Can You Use any E Liquid in Any Vape Pen?

If you’re new to CBD or E liquid culture, then you might not know the right terminology when ordering your first full vaping kit, so you need to be careful when setting up your CBD vaping experience.

Firstly, you are not looking for “CBD oil” to fill your vaporizer. The correct liquid to search for is “CBD vape juice” or “CBD E liquid”. If you were to ask a store vendor for “CBD E liquid” or “CBD vape juice”, they should be able to find what you’re looking for. This is an important distinction to make because CBD oils are not meant to be inhaled.

To be clear, CBD oils are not suitable for vaping/inhaling. What you are looking for is CBD E liquid or CBD vape juice.

Similarly, if you are wanting to vape without CBD, then you should look for “vape juice”.

As for the question regarding universal vape pens for e liquids, the answer is no. You should not assume that any vaping pen could handle either CBD vape juice. You need a suitable vaporizer; one that has the following components:

·         Vape pen battery/batteries

·         Vape cartridge/tank

·         An atomizer – or a coil.

If your vaping pen does not have these components, then it will not host CBD E liquid. This may seem obvious to experience vaping enthusiasts but to a newcomer, this information is critical and necessary.


How Long Does E Liquid stay Good?

The approximate shelf life of vape juice is 24 months (2 years) but most vape juices will come with a use by date. If the vape juice does not come with a use by date, then you can presume that even if you have opened the vape juice, it will still be good for 2 years beyond the date of manufacturing. There is one thing that would ruin your vape juice though, and that is storage.

In order for the vape juice to last that long, it must be stored in the most suitable way.

Keep it away from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place and ensure that the vape juice is sealed between uses.

Most e liquids – including our CBD e liquids – come with a cap, so it’s nice and easy to ensure the vape juice doesn’t get exposed to the air for any unnecessarily long periods of time.

Are E Liquids Safe?

As one of the leading E liquid wholesale suppliers in the UK, we pride ourselves on distributing only the very best products. The safety of those who work with us and our products is a primary priority. So each and every product that comes through our doors will have been approved as safe.

Generally speaking, E liquid has had a fairly short lifespan, in the eye of the public. Even though you wouldn’t think so now, the vaping culture is enormous and its popularity spans worldwide. Throughout its reasonably short life to date, it has experienced its teething process, wherein e liquids and vaping were at one stage considered to be a relatively unhealthy habit. Those negatives have since been eradicated, as vaping and e liquids have grown into a much more healthful habit. Some of the ingredients had changed over the years to allow a much healthier experience for the user. For example, almost all of the original E liquid and vaping manufacturers used to use nicotine and other chemicals in their e liquids, in an attempt to allow smokers to transition off of cigarettes in a seamless way. This was understandably met with backlash.

Since then, vaping and E liquid has grown its own culture and it is one that spans all the way from that original use (transitioning from smoking) to a super-healthy habit. Our CBD e liquids are on the healthier side of that spectrum!

As E liquid wholesale suppliers, we have a huge range of CBD and non-CBD e liquids in our range, boasting a heap of different flavours and CBD percentages. From Lemon Haze to Blueberry. Apple to Bubblegum. The CBD percentages are 0%, 1%, 5% and 50%.


Is E Liquid Legal in the UK?

Yes! E liquid is legal in the UK and the only noteworthy measures regarding its legal status are the following:

 You must be 18 or over to purchase them.

No adverts can showcase a person under the age of 25 vaping. This is to ensure there is no media conditioning regarding vaping that is affecting the younger generations alive today in the UK.

 Do you need a License to Sell E Liquid in the UK?

Products being sold must be compliant with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) but other than that you do not need a license to sell E liquid in the UK. As one of the leading E liquid suppliers in the UK and across Europe, we guarantee that our products are compliant with the TPD.