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Multi-i Green Distribution Ltd is a member of the Multi-i Distribution family. Operating across Europe for the last 11 years, we have now brought that expertise as well as experience to the UK market offering premium quality CBD products and a wide collection of smoking accessories. 

All our products are made using full CO2 extraction in order to harvest the CBD from organically grown hemp strains while focusing on producing top quality products with noticeable originality and cleanliness.

We supply directly to e-commerce sites, distributors, head shops, grow shops, tobacco shops, and retailers all over the UK with free and fast shipping. 

Each product is accompanied by laboratory analysis, certifying the chemical structure, and allowing our clients to be safe in the knowledge that they are consuming a safe and legal product with below 0.2% THC content.


What Is CBD? 

To understand CBD, you should know that there are several molecules in the cannabis plant. These molecules are called "cannabinoids". The best known of these is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is sought after for its psychoactive effect. However, the CBD or cannabidiol is one of those molecules also.

The abbreviation CBD stands for cannabidiol. CBD is a cannabinoid that is obtained from female hemp plants (industrial hemp) and is one of the main active ingredients of cannabis alongside THC. CBD is defined by its non-psychoactive effects and the wide-ranging effects, which continues research.

How Does It Work?

In the body, CBD acts as a catalyst. It optimizes the natural response to pain, but also to anxieties. Let's get it right: CBD doesn't eliminate or prevent pain and anxiety, but it works on the nervous system to reduce the impact of both. This, by sending signals which, in essence, instruct the body not to worry about it and to go about its business.

This substance is all the more effective as it functions as an extension of the own natural defenses of our nervous system. If cannabinoids have an effect on us, it is because the human body has the right receptors and produces a kind of natural THC itself, although in very limited concentrations. We speak of “CB1 receptors” (mainly present in the brain and the central nervous system) and “CB2” (mainly installed in peripheral organs and cells linked to the functioning of the immune system).

These receptors “fix” the molecules of THC, but also those of CBD, in a more indirect way. The latter also interacts with other receptors in the body, which strengthens its medical properties.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

The positive effects of CBD are numerous and known for about fifteen years with a list that continues to grow and there are consumers unscientific evidence that claims CBD to help with conditions, such as:

Joint pain
Lack of sleep
Reduction of seizures
Eating Disorders

However, it should be borne in mind that the study of CBD (isolated from other active substances in cannabis) is relatively recent. Medical research continues. It already suggests that the impact of CBD on the treatment of patients could open the door to revolutionary treatments, equivalent to the discovery of antibiotics. Some studies show, for example, that THC and CBD molecules work against rheumatism, help reduce necrosis following heart attacks, and can even attack cancer cells, all the more effective when combined.

In What Form Is CBD Found?

In order to benefit all types of people from the effects of CBD, the molecule has been available in various consumer products. Nowadays, CBD can thus be consumed in various forms:

  1. Oils: To ingest or To Apply On The Skin (see the effects of CBD oils )
  2. Infusions: To Consume, Used For Relaxation
  3. Capsules: To be Taken as a Food Supplement
  4. CBD E Liquid: With Various Flavors and Dosages
  5. CBD Crystals: To ingest, dilute in a drink, include in a dish, or even to let melt under the tongue
  6. Creams: Applied Topically
  7. Flowers: Incense or Infusions


The CBD oil from the glass bottle consists of the extract of the female cannabis plant. It is generally recommended to keep the drops under the tongue before swallowing them. This means that the active ingredient can also be absorbed very well through the oral mucosa. The CBD oils differ in their concentration. Common values ​​are, for example, 2, 5, or 15 percent. If you want to use the product, you may have to experiment a bit until you find the ideal dose for you.

CBD Capsules

Of course, CBD oil is also available in capsule form. Even if the capsule cans are usually made of plastic, their contents have helped many people. You don't have to let the capsules with cannabidiol melt in your mouth, you can swallow them straight away. Since the effect only unfolds in the intestine, you will experience a slower effect with the capsules than when taking CBD drops. But the capsules are tasteless.


The calming effect of cannabidiol can also be developed with the help of tea. It is available in a paper bag with natural CBD content, both vegan and GMO-free. I drink it regularly and find it puts you in a pretty relaxed mood.

CBD E Liquid

As a liquid, CBD can, for example, be consumed with an evaporator such as a vaporizer.




CBD Cosmetics

Due to its health-promoting properties, cannabidiol is now also a component of countless natural cosmetic products. You can get it, for example, as a facial care oil, eye serum, and cream, body lotion, or anti-wrinkle cream.

How To Take CBD?

There are several ways to consume CBD, but the most effective are the natural ones - because CBD is considered a dietary supplement. What are the most popular methods?

      In the form of oil, which is absorbed with a drip. Just add a few drops to a food or drink, or simply place the pipette under the tongue for a faster effect.

      As a paste, absorbed with food or on its own.

      In capsule form, usually gelatin, each containing a fixed dose of CBD paste. Like medicine, the capsule dissolves in the stomach. This dosage allows for easy absorption of CBD, for example at work or on the go.

      In the form of chewing gum, a method is appreciated because it is both simple and practical. CBD paste (fixed dose) is mixed with natural ingredients for a very discreet dosage.

      In the form of e-liquid, used in an electronic cigarette. Absorbed by the lungs, CBD passes very quickly into the blood (faster than in the case of ingestion).

      In the form of cosmetic products, to be applied to the skin. CBD is mainly used in this way to treat localized disorders (joint pain, acne, skin diseases, etc.), in addition to conventional products.

It is up to everyone to choose the most effective and pleasant dosage.

Cannabis Within The United Kingdom (UK): CBD Laws,CBD Use, CBD Distribution, and CBD Supply

It is unlawful to own or promote cannabis in the UK. However, cannabis laws are steadily being reformed. In 2018, the use of medicinal cannabis was legalized and CBD is now to be had. Although its cultivation is banned, the UK continues to be the arena's largest exporter of medicinal hashish (i.e. CBD SUPPLIER).

Can You Become A CBD Wholesale Supplier In The UK?

The CBD supply and CBD distribution are taken into consideration as a far extra serious offense in the UK. Those stuck as CBD sellers or CBD suppliers of a category B drug (inclusive of cannabis) may want to face imprisonment for up to 14 years or a limitless fine or both.  

In reality, these consequences are hardly ever imposed except the smuggling is huge-scale or high-profile. The penalty imposed is commonly primarily based on the records of the offender, the quantity of cannabis the wrongdoer becomes picked up with, and the way the perpetrator intended to supply or be a provider of the cannabis.  

The 'Category of Harm' is also considered. The violation is considered Category 1 for 2 hundred pounds of cannabis or greater. Category 2 includes between 40 and 200 kilos, category 3 between 6 and 40 kilos, and class 4 approximately something larger than 100 grams.  

Other acts are also taken into consideration 'purpose to supply' within the UK. The 1994 Drug Trafficking Act defines smuggling as now not only giving or selling cannabis to others but additionally transporting, storing, importing, or exporting it.  

Is CBD Legal In The UK? 

In 2017, the UK subsequently diagnosed CBD as a medicine. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency classified CBD as a medicinal factor-based totally on its efficacy and the reality that it meets the standards of satisfaction and protection that CBD products ought to meet. 

The UK Home Office allowed the sale of CBD oil inside the country As long as its THC is not greater than 0.2% (the substance that offers users the 'high').  

No licenses have yet been issued for CBD oil as a medicinal drug, but legally, you may be a CBD supplier, CBD wholesaler, or CBD distributor provided there is no claim made about its medicinal benefits. Some CBD providers that do CBD distribution, inclusive of the fitness meals chain Holland and Barrett, have several CBD merchandise such as nutritional dietary supplements and topical containing CBD.  

Can Cannabis Seeds Be Shipped To The UK?

Cannabis seeds can be legally used, bought, and sold within the UK. It is likewise allowed to have them shipped overseas, this implies that you can be a CBD supplier, CBD wholesaler, and CBD distributor. However, they must now not be germinated nor ought to be used to develop cannabis plants.